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For a period of 5-years from the date at which the installation has been completed, and payment as invoiced has been received in full, Sentinel Pool Products undertakes to repair or replace (at its discretion) all or part of any fence or pool

cover that becomes unfit for use resulting from any manufacturing defect, whether in the mesh, the posts or any other materials used.


Defects of a purely esthetic nature are not covered by this warranty. Sentinel Pool Products guarantees the installation of

its products for a period of 5-years from the date of installation and final payment and undertakes to repair any defect in

the installation that renders the product unfit for the use for which it was intended. Although the fence is designed to resist normal winter conditions, Sentinel Pool Products cannot guarantee the fence and its installation against the consequences of excessive snow or ice cover, the weight of which may exert excessive pressure on the fence.

​Sentinel Pool Products cannot guarantee its installation against the consequences resulting from uneven or unstable ground, interlocking paving stone or other surfaces and the consequences resulting from the freezing and thawing of the ground. The user and purchaser of the product shall be solely responsible for inspecting it on a regular basis and for reporting any damage to the mesh and other materials to Sentinel Pool Products, and must take any and all precautions required in order to prevent and minimize any damage or deterioration of the fence or cover.

If tests administered, or observations made by Sentinel Pool Products demonstrate that the fence has been subjected to abnormal concentrations of oxygenated water, chlorine or other oxidizing agents, or that the fence or cover has been cut

or otherwise abused or misused, the present limited warranty and any other warranty, whether express or tacit, shall be

null and without effect. As required, Sentinel Pool Products shall determine whether the fence or cover has been abused

of misused, or whether if it is unfit for the use for which it was intended, at its sole discretion. The present limited

warranty replaces any other warranty covering the product, whether express or tacit, and is only valid for the original
purchaser, and is not transferable. 


The Sentinel Pool Products warranty enters into effect when both requirements have been met, namely: the installation

of the fence or cover by Sentinel Pool Products, and when payment in full, of the sale price and installation, as invoiced,

has been received. Non-payment by the purchaser shall result in the cancellation of all obligations on the part of

Sentinel Pool Products with respect to the present warranty.

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