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Sentinel Pool Products strives to provide its customers with quality service in a timely manner.

In order to help facilitate this, all customers are asked to familiarize themselves with our policies and procedures.


  • For scheduling purposes, and to reserve a date for fence installation or pool cover measurements, a deposit is required which is non-refundable. (exceptions may apply)


  • All jobs are weather permitting, and are to be rescheduled at the nearest available date agreed upon by both the customer and Sentinel Pool Products.


  • We kindly ask that customers ensure there is open access to the back yard and that a working water and electrical supply is present outdoors - at the address - on the date when work is scheduled to be performed.


  • For scheduled work, a representative of Sentinel Pool Products has permission to enter the property at the address where work is to be performed for purposes pertaining to the work itself.

  • Compliance with local regulations, bylaws and obtaining any utility or other scans, are solely the prerogative of the customer. Sentinel Pool Products or any of its representatives are not responsible for any bylaw violations or damage due as a result of noncompliance and/or negligence.

  • All materials and hardware (installed or otherwise) remain the property of Sentinel Pool Products until payment as invoiced is received in full, or if an agreement has been made between the customer and Sentinel Pool Products.


  • By proceeding with a deposit, the customer is assumed to have read and understood the customer agreement, and that as such, Sentinel Pool Products will also honour its obligation to provide the best service possible, and to complete the arranged work in accordance with the high standards it sets for itself by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

  • Our Limited Product and Service Warranty* covers product defects and/or deficiencies in manufacture as well as installation, and becomes effective when:

a) installation is complete and;
b) when payment is received in full.

  • Always remember, safety products are helpful tools, but are not a substitute for parental supervision!

  • It is encouraged that any questions or concerns regarding this form may be submitted for review so that a satisfactory explanation can be given accordingly.

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